Mayor Bill De Blasio Advocates Law Banning Daddy-Daughter Dances At Schools For A Sick Reason

New York chairman Bill De Blasio needs all father-girl moves prohibited from state-funded schools in the city. “I’m a father with a little girl. I believe it’s a wonderful plan to have a father-little girl move,” he said before clarifying why they shouldn’t exist.

“The objective is to make something everybody could partake in,” he said in a CBS2 meet. “We simply need to regard every one of our understudies,” de Blasio said. The Department of instruction put out an announcement in concurrence with the chairman.

“Father-girl moves or mother-child moves can reject certain understudies and kinds of families, and may likewise be conflicting with laws that disallow avoidance based on sex or sex, and are in this way not reasonable,” they said.

A couple of guardians additionally remarked with their conclusions. “As a previous educator, I believe it’s a smart thought,” said Brooklyn inhabitant Clara Kitroser said.

Others oppose this idea. “Is there any good reason why someone shouldn’t who doesn’t have a daddy or an alternate sort of daddy bring that? It’s not about a daddy, it’s tied in with having somebody,” said Upper West Side inhabitant Jeffrey Moss said. Another parent remarked on how political accuracy is destroying everything. “It’s a father-little girl move, not a grandma cut child slice girl move,” said one lady.

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