Joe And Mika Attack President Trump For Not Attacking Stormy Daniels On Twitter

Fizzled presidential competitor Jeb Bush chose to influence a low hit to assault on President Trump and suggest that Trump’s kids don’t love their dad. Wear Jr. what’s more, Eric Trump quickly hit Jeb back.

“I’m not going to discuss the 2016 race. I’m still in treatment,” clowned Bush amid a discourse at Yale University. He went ahead to call President Trump “Republican in essentially name just” and say that after the race he returned home to kids who “really cherish me.” Implying that Trump’s children don’t love him.

“Jeb! I cherish everything about my dad. I cherish that he’s a warrior, I adore that he has guts, I cherish that he’s President (every one of those things you’re not) Also adore that he sufficiently adapted about legislative issues in half a month to destroy you piece by piece regardless of it being your labor of love,” tweeted Don Jr.

“.@JebBush I really adore my dad in particular. #PleaseClap” tweeted Eric Trump.

Shrubbery went ahead to blame Trump for destroying conservatism. “On the off chance that there was ever requirement for a Bill Buckley-like approach, to changing conservatism in this nation, it is at the present time. Possibly not a nineteenth century or a twentieth century variant of conservatism however unquestionably a 21st-century rendition of that. Also, unfortunately the breaking of the preservationist development couldn’t come at a more awful time,” said Bush.

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