Comey: Trump Is ‘Unfit’ to Be President

Sunday amid a meeting that circulated on a unique communicate of ABC’s “20/20,” previous FBI Director James Comey was asked by the system’s George Stephanopoulos in the event that he considered President Donald Trump, who terminated Comey about a year prior, “unfit” for office.

Comey answered in the positive, however not for the reasons of mental inadequacy that some Trump commentators have advertised.

“Indeed,” he said when inquired as to whether Trump was unfit. “Yet, not in the way I regularly hear individuals discuss it. I don’t purchase this stuff about him being rationally awkward or beginning periods of dementia. He strikes me as a man of better than expected insight who’s following discussions and realizes what’s happening. I don’t believe he’s restoratively unfit to be president. I believe he’s ethically unfit to be president.”

“A man who sees moral equality in Charlottesville, who discusses and treats ladies like they’re bits of meat, who lies continually about issues of all shapes and sizes and demands the American individuals trust it — that individual’s not fit to be leader of the United States, on moral grounds,” he included. “Our leader must epitomize regard, and cling to the qualities that are at the center of this nation. The most essential being truth. This president can’t do that. He is ethically unfit to be president.”

Comey went ahead to oppose requiring Trump’s denunciation since he contended it would let Americans “free” to elect him president.

Comey additionally denied he had fallen “in affection” with his own ideals.

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