Ellen’s Foul-Mouthed Producer Insults Trump, James Woods Humiliates Him… Bad

Andy Lassner, the profane official maker of “The Ellen Show,” took to Twitter throughout the end of the week to affront President Donald Trump as he has done on numerous occasions in the course of recent years. Notwithstanding, this time finished much in an unexpected way. At the point when traditionalist performing artist James Woods saw what Lassner was doing, he quickly mortified the liberal maker.

Andy Lassner is the official maker of “The Ellen Show,” and he’s a reckless anarchist. He utilizes his checked Twitter record to routinely assault President Donald Trump and any individual who lines up with him politically, particularly individuals from his organization and individuals from his family.

On Sunday, Lassner was back at it, this time deriding Trump and his adherents. “I adore how Trump takes to twitter to attempt and aggravate up his devotees,” tweeted the maker. “Like a pack of anonymous/faceless individuals with MAGA and PATRIOT hashtags in their profiles will complete a f*cking thing.”

Moderate performing artist James Woods rushed to bring up the incongruity in Lassner’s endeavored affront, countering, “We put your old, inebriated witch back on the walkway where she has a place rather than in the White House where in reality President Trump is at the present time.”

Lassner took a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook when he offended Trump’s supporters. He ought to have known it would reverse discharge, as it improved the situation Clinton, yet you comprehend what they say in regards to the individuals who don’t gain from history.

Hillary Clinton said after the 2016 race that her choice to mark numerous Trump supporters “deplorables” was a “political blessing” to President Trump. Evidently, the blessing continues giving.

Clinton offered some fairly unvarnished comments in India this end of the week that sound a ton like her “deplorables” editorial from September 2016. She played up the states that upheld her as more monetarily progressed than the states that voted in favor of Trump, calling them “dynamic” and “pushing ahead.” Then she again recommended Trump supporters were propelled by animosity toward ladies and non-white individuals.

“In the event that you take a gander at the guide of the United States, all red in the center where Trump won,” Clinton said. “I win the drift. I win, you know, Illinois and Minnesota — places that way.” She went on: “However what the guide doesn’t demonstrate you is that I won the spots that speak to 66% of America’s total national output. So I won the spots that are idealistic, differing, dynamic, pushing ahead.”

At that point she swung to Trump’s voters: “And his entire crusade — ‘Make America Great Again’ — was looking in reverse. You know, you didn’t care for dark individuals getting rights; you don’t care for ladies, you know, landing positions; you would prefer not to, you know, see that Indian American succeeding more than you are — you know, whatever your concern is, I’m going to illuminate it.” [Source: The Washington Post]

What Hillary Clinton and her colleagues in Hollywood don’t appear to acknowledge is that estranging the a huge number of Americans who voted in favor of Donald Trump is a frightful method to gain bolster. Andy Lassner’s claim that Trump and his supporters will never “complete a f*cking thing” is comical. Trump has effectively achieved more amid his first year in office than his antecedent. Continue tweeting, Andy. The main individual you’re harming is yourself.

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