Giuliani Just Proved That The Mueller Investigation Is “Illegitimate” With One Stunning Piece Of Evidence

In a current meeting on CNN’s ‘Condition of the Union’, Rudy Giuliani demonstrated that ‘spygate’ makes the entire Mueller examination absolutely ill-conceived.

“You get the Comey thing, which is a hole of a secret notice, which is unlawful for a FBI authority to do, and that turns into the reason for naming Mueller. I’m not saying Mueller is ill-conceived, I’m stating the premise on which he was delegated was ill-conceived,” clarified Giuliani.

“So you think the Mueller test is real?” asked CNN’s Dana Bash. “Not any longer. I don’t. I did when I came in yet now I see Spygate… ” said Giuliani.

Giuliani went ahead to clarify alternate logical inconsistencies for the situation. “I see logical inconsistencies. I see Clapper saying that there was a government agent yet he was keeping an eye on the Russian end. Be that as it may, keeping an eye on the Russian end on the off chance that they thought there was plot implied keeping an eye on the president’s crusade,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani got out the DOJ for guaranteeing that discharging the name of the witness would place them in risk, yet they neglected to give the source security. “The name here has just been put out there and I don’t know whether it’s valid. In any case, on the off chance that it is valid and it’s risky to this man, he better be secured as of now. I don’t trust he’s being secured. It says to me that perhaps the FBI and the Justice Department is being somewhat two-faced here?”

“All things considered, they said he can’t be uncovered on the grounds that it’s risky. Presently he’s been uncovered — Wall Street Journal, a few different daily papers — if that man is the man he better be secured… I hear he’s definitely not. What’s happening?” asked Giuliani.

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