Juan Williams Mocks Trump For Being “Wrapped In Patriotism”, Jesse Watters Crushes Him

Amid an ongoing scene of The Five, Juan Williams taunted President Trump for his graduation discourse at the Naval Academy for being excessively enthusiastic. Jesse Watters and Kimberly Guilfoyle hit him back hard. Guilfoyle began by pointing out that numerous individuals loved Trump’s discourse, she inquired as to whether Williams did as well.

“No,” reacted Williams. “Let me simply say, this discourse was about America first. It was wrapped in patriotism. He wrapped himself in the banner. He wrapped himself in the military. I believe that’s, Jesse, why he invested energy. He needs them and their blessing and their high endorsement evaluations among the American individuals to exchange to him,” he said.

“Do you believe he’s giving a stirring devoted discourse since he needs to support his endorsement evaluations?” asked Watters. “Truly!” shouted Williams. “Possibly he’s only glad for the nation and needs to address the cadets,” reacted Watters.

“No, on the grounds that we should take a gander at the, we should take a gander at its substance. When he discusses gracious, we will make the military more grounded and all that — Wait a moment, our military is the most grounded on the planet!” cried Williams.

“What’s more, we will make it significantly more grounded. What’s the issue with that?” asked Watters. Look at the video underneath.

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