Trump Tells James Clapper He’s Going To Prison After Shocking Evidence Emerges

James Clapper, previous President Barack Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, is in high temp water after new stunning confirmation has become exposed. President Donald Trump is irate in the wake of realizing what Clapper and the other bog rats were doing, and he told the previous chief that it’s jail time. You would prefer not to miss this.

The name Carter Page is one that has come up on numerous occasions in the “Russia-Trump” false plot case. It’s critical for Americans to comprehend who Carter Page is and what he has done in the past to completely comprehend why President Donald Trump is so enraged today.

The vast majority know Carter Page was focused by the FBI as a Russian covert agent. They utilized this trick to get three FISA warrants against Mr. Page, as an approach to keep an eye on Donald Trump’s crusade. Suppose you are Carter Page and, before, you have put your life at stake to encourage the FBI and the DOJ to convey a genuine Russian government operative to equity?

Carter Page is an alum of the Naval Academy. He’s likewise a nationalist who, in 2013, was drawn nearer by a man acting like a major Manhattan financier named Evgeny Buryakov, who was working with two different merciless government agents to undermine our monetary framework.

Carter Page could have left. Rather, he went to the FBI. There, the FBI begged Page to wear a wire despite the fact that if got he likely would have been killed and they would have been on planes back to Moscow inside hours.

Indeed, even with the dangers, Page participated with the FBI and turned into their essential source to bring charges against Evgeny Buryakov. In 2017, ABC News revealed, “Page has recognized that he is, actually, the ‘Male-1’ distinguished in an as of late unlocked FBI protestation, which portrays the gathering’s endeavors to draw Page into their data gathering activity.”

“You guarantee some help for some help,” Victor Podobnyy, one of the Russian covert agents told Page. “You get the records from him and instruct him to go [expletive] himself.” Page revealed to ABC News that the gathering’s endeavors were unsuccessful, and any data he go to Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) specialists was “unimportant.”

Be that as it may, those marsh rats at the FBI, similar to previous Director James Comey and previous DNI James Clapper, who were very much aware of Carter Page’s work with the FBI, chose he was extra. It couldn’t be any more obvious, Page’s work as an American oil industry expert implied he came into contact with Russians. At that point, when he was named as an “Outside Policy Advisor” to Trump’s crusade in March 2016, the intrigue thought, “He’s our patsy.”

Reality in the matter of why Page was named as an “Outside Policy Advisor” is very straightforward: In March 2016, nobody in the GOP needed anything to do with Trump. They considered him to be a joke, and nobody with any political capital needed to chance being related with his battle.

Trump, being Trump, ad libbed. Page offered his administrations to somebody in the New York Trump battle office, and since Page knew about remote issues from his work, bingo, he’s recorded as an “Outside Policy Advisor.” It was an early crusade move to expand Trump’s battle to give it more authenticity, and to be honest, that is the manner by which the universe of governmental issues works.

Along these lines, the scheme, out to take out Trump, headed by previous DNI James Clapper, previous FBI Director James Comey, and previous CIA supervisor John Brennan, consented to utilize the “Carter Page is a Russian government agent” trick to get FISA warrants on the Trump crusade.

Trump didn’t know Page, by any means. He didn’t meet with Page. Be that as it may, regardless of whether he had, Carter Page is a decent person, he’s a nationalist who conveyed genuine Russian government agents to equity. At that point, he was put through damnation. James Clapper adored utilizing Page as their substitute. He’d see Page in jail, or Page could simply do what Clapper needed and say Trump was intriguing with Russians.

The plot utilized their radical media contacts to plant counterfeit news and through and through lies about Page in the press. They got Christopher Steele, the ex-Cambridge Union president and ex-MI6 Moscow field operator, to help incorporate a phony dossier naming Carter Page as the huge connection from Trump’s crusade to Russians.

Presently, we see the Cambridge association and MI6 association with known mole/spy Stefan Halper. He is a Cambridge teacher and ex-MI6 specialist and is presently known as the man who was planted to approach Page and another low-level Trump relate, George Pappadapolous.

MI6 resembles our CIA, MI5 resembles our FBI, only for reference. Thus, Halper and Steele are ex-British spooks who worked with Comey, Clapper, and Brennan. It’s all beginning to bode well. In July 2016, Halper and Steele baited Carter Page to a Moscow occasion, so they could state he was there as a Trump spy.

On the off chance that you’ve seen Carter Page in a meeting, at that point you know this person is no government agent. He’s a bit silly, and he truly is a pleasant man. In any case, as hard these major class FBI, CIA, and National Intel managers attempted, they couldn’t motivate anything to stick to Page. Why? Since there was nothing there to stick. On the off chance that Page is this enormous, terrible covert operative, why is he strolling around offering meetings to Fox News?

Presently, James Clapper is feeling the warmth. Newt Gingrich went on the record the previous evening and stated, “Clapper could see jail time.” Clapper’s been influencing the rounds on the counter Trump to counterfeit news systems like CNN, MSNBC, and The View, and what does he say?

Genuine Clear Politics reports, “James Clapper utilized the word spy while talking about the Trump crusade observation outrage in an appearance on Tuesday’s The View. Clapper said the covert agent was there for Russian interfering purposes and that Trump ought to be cheerful such a man existed.”

In a splendid move, Clapper went on The View, where he knows the boneheads Whoppi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and whatever is left of the vixens have no idea about reality of this Spygate embarrassment. Just Meghan McCain tries to follow him, however Clapper has the simpletons on his side.

Clapper’s a major liar as any individual who takes after legislative issues knows. Back in March 2016, when Trump tweeted that he was “wiretapped,” otherwise known as “kept an eye on,” Clapper terminated back saying that “there was no such wiretap movement mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, or as a competitor, or against his battle.”

He’s in profound and attempting to remain out of jail. Trump’s after him, no doubt. Trump’s been calling for jail time where it can be demonstrated that laws were broken, alluding to Clapper, Comey, and Brennan. The president tweeted, “‘Trump ought to be cheerful that the FBI was SPYING on his battle’ No, James Clapper, I am not upbeat. Keeping an eye on a battle would be unlawful, and an outrage to boot!”

He lined that up with, “Look how things have pivoted on the Criminal Deep State. They follow Phony Collusion with Russia, a made up Scam, and wind up getting captured in a noteworthy SPY outrage any semblance of which this nation may never have seen! What goes around, comes around!”

As Americans, we have to request equity. Let everybody realize that nobody is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else in this nation. They demolished Carter Page’s life, among the lives of other individuals who took a shot at Trump battle. It’s opportunity their lives were destroyed.

Those liberals who stay with their heads in the sand need to wake up. Spygate is genuine, and Clapper, Comey, and Brennan need to go to jail. Hold tight on the grounds that we know everything leads back to Barack Obama, and if these folks fall, they will take the previous president with them.

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