‘Your father cheated on your mom’: Ana Navarro destroys Eric Trump for lashing out at Kellyanne Conway’s husband

CNN’s Ana Navarro on Tuesday entertainingly taunted Eric Trump for swimming into White House representative Kellyanne Conway’s political conflicts with her significant other George, a noticeable pundit of the president.

After George Conway tweeted that President Trump’s ongoing commendation for political agent Roger Stone likely comprised an infringement of government witness altering rules, the president’s child shot back that Conway was treating his significant other with “absolute lack of regard”. This didn’t sit well with Navarro.

“Your dad is Donald Trump, who undermined all of his three spouses, including your mother. Who undermined his present spouse with a Playboy bunny, and undermined the Playboy bunny with a stripper,” Navarro started. “Possibly, quite possibly, discussing spouses being discourteous to wives isn’t the rear way, isn’t the one that you ought to go up against.”

“I can reveal to you I can’t help suspecting that George Conway has incredible regard for equity, for reality, for the Constitution, the standard of law, for the job of the administration, for the trustworthiness of legal procedures, for the freedom of the legal branch,” she included. “For that I think a ton of Americans regard him.”

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